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Voulez-vous une tasse de thé ?

Voulez-vous une tasse de thé ?

Would you like a cup of tea ?

This is the title of the third chapter that MAN students worked on in English classes.


On December 6th and 7th, participated to a final task during which they had to train a new waiter in a tearoom. The managers had to show the new staff how to lay the table, sell, prepare and serve tea. During this chapter, students were able to learn how to teach specific professional gestures and vocabulary as well as giving professional explanations to highlight the quality of the products they chose for their teas.


For all students, this class project enriched their vocabulary and professional skills. It gave them more confidence and this was extremely satisfying for everyone. Of course, they were all congratulated and proud of what they did. 

Here is a video to show you what they learnt.